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Delicious bow in time for Christmas

Cross-Dye Crotchless Panty

I just received these in the mail today. I bought the purple Sugar Plum ones, in small, and they fit like a second skin. Not seen in the photo, the edges have silver threads, which look great with the design of the panties. They are crotchless, but you don't know it until you go searching for the little slit, which has a small, discreet bow above it. I highly recommend them.

Exxtreme Garter Belt
Exxtreme Thong

I also bought this set, sans stockings, in red/black rather than pink/black. The belt is snug but comfortable and feels strong; it would hold up the most stubborn of stockings without slipping down. I think I would have fit a smaller size of the panties a little better, but they are still small enough to fit my hips and look good. There is a bra to go with them but I have not bought it; a lacy black bra such as the one I have would do just as well if you do not want to drop thirty bucks on a bra.

It was my first time purchasing underwear from Frederick's but I was pleasantly surprised and eager to spread the word on these three products.

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